Agricultural information management using the Drupal CMS

N. B. This is a placeholder page: all the AgriDrupal activity is documented on the AIMS platform.

Under this domain we keep all the downloads and the demo AgriDrupal installations.

AgriDrupal is both a “suite of solutions” for agricultural information management and dissemination, built on the Drupal CMS, and the community of practice around these solutions.

 The AgriDrupal community

The AgriDrupal community is made up of people who work in agricultural information management (IM) and have been experimenting with IM solutions with the Drupal CMS. The community interacts using the AIMS community platform.

Why a community on agricultural information management solutions?

Current experiments in the community
There are more and more implementations of Drupal solutions in the community of agricultural information managers and by agricultural organizations worldwide:

Other platforms are moving to Drupal, like the “Rangeland West” project of USDA and the University of Arizona, the ICARDA website. And many Institutions are working with Drupal: San Yat Sen University in Guangzhou, Condesan in Peru, our team in FAO .

How will the community work

The community will share solutions like:

AgriDrupal "reference tool"

Although AgriDrupal is not made available or maintained as a full-fledged tool, a few reference "demo-packages" of AgriDrupal as an information management and dissemination tool are made available for:

Institutions adopting an AgriDrupal demo installation will become the owners of the installation and will be responsible for its maintenance.

Exsiting "AgriDrupal" installations

The current AgriDrupal demo package can be downloaded here: select the latest version.